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About Jim

Jim is a native Texan who moved to Oklahoma in 1995. There he met his Armadillo Jim & family in 2003then- widowed and beautiful wife, Sheila. They married in 1997. Jim adopted Sheila's two children, Blake and Fiona. In 2000 Jim and Sheila celebrated the arrival of a new daughter, Sofia Joy.

Jim says his first job is that of husband and parent. Jim is the President and Founder of Put On Your Armor (SM), a non-profit foundation dedicated to "armoring" children with love against drugs, crime and violence.

"Armadillo Jim" and his volunteer auxiliary organization, Put On Your Armor(SM) made famous the premier Armadillo Races well known around the world at conventions, trade shows, Comdex Convention held in Las Vegas, and on television. The Armadillo Rangers™ have been seen in over 1000 public schools in 29 states and Canada with the most known pet, tame, USDA approved armadillos.

Jim helps corporations, churches and other sponsors establish identity and initiate community outreach programs in cities all across America.

"Armadillo Jim" is also a professional Master of Ceremonies and hosts a corporate event Jim with President & Laura Bushcalled the Armadillo Derby (TM). Over 750 corporate trade shows, and conventions have featured "Armadillo Jim's" Armadillo Derby (TM) since its formation 28 years ago. The Inauguration of both President Bush and former President Bush both featured"Armadillo Jim" and his pet armadillos. Jim is the leading expert on armadillos and Armadillo Races.

Jim has been seen on Regis and Kathie Lee, Crook and Chase, Maury Povich and more than 300 other television shows.

Most recently, "Armadillo Jim" , his wife Sheila and their children developed the national grief recovery project, I Cried Too (TM) and were featured as Masters of Ceremony at the Twin Towers Orphan Fund & Toys for Tots Christmas Party in New York City. They also distributed the I Cried Too (TM) material to the children in New York City, the Pentagon and the war soldiers. (See I Cried Too (TM))

Jim is currently developing his children's series,
Happy Armadillo (TM) Tales and other children's resources.