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Message from Armadillo Jim:


Click to see large photo of JimHi and thank you for coming to this website:

Over 25 years ago, I presented my first assembly in an elementary school. Since that day, I’ve grown older and hopefully wiser….but you know what hasn’t changed….the age of students in schools……..that’s right….. every year there is a new crop of students…hungry to learn, ready to absorb all they are taught.

Helping Public Schools is the way to change a generation and influence millions of students, educators, parents and other Americans.

If you have never entered a public school in recent times…it is really easy……just pull the knob on the front door. Seriously, there are hundreds of ways to bridge the gap between your organization and the public school.

Lots of times pastors or business leaders ask me to visit their city and present our program into their schools on their behalf or as a public relations venture or outreach. I always ask these questions first:

marker What is the name of the school nearest you?

marker What is the name of the principal or one of the bus drivers?

marker And finally What did you have for lunch when you took the principal, coach, custodian or teacher when you treated them last?

Helping Public Schools offers the greatest opportunity to reach a generation! Will you join us in this expedition and tremendous call to change our nation?